Auburn Visitor

“I called last minute and they were very helpful and flexible, they even delivered so I could surprise my spouse! Great job!” 

Nancy, New York

…Your Toffee Cashew Bark was gone in 5 minutes …When something stands out at Christmas when there is so much other stuff around you know it must … – Read More

Anke, Illinios

The Chocolate was received today. Thank you so much Ella! You made his day! 

Kevin, Lewiston

Ella’s chocolates are FANTASTIC! I have gifted her chocolates to family and co-workers and have yet to find one of them who did not rave … – Read More

Dan, Lewiston

A comment from a customer who received Ella’s Chocolates as a gift. These are the most delicious, most decadent, most sinful chocolates that exist on … – Read More

Lori Howard, Tennessee

Good evening Ellen! I just talked with my uncle in California and he said he received your chocolates and they were very tasty and delicious! … – Read More

My Friends Movers

Yummy Ella’s Chocolates. Very happy to snag a mixed bags of treats. Peanut butter balls gone in a blink. Chocolate caramels slipping way too. All superb … – Read More

Denise, Auburn

  Your chocolates were enjoyed and were a big hit. Guests were asking where you were located. We had done our homework first and knew … – Read More

Martha, Leeds

Hi Ella, Not only did we get excellent service but the chocolates (oh my!) that were out of this world delicious. By far, the best … – Read More


BEST Chocolate. E V E R!!!  and Simply the Best.

Alice, Auburn

Thank you so much for all of your customer service and going the extra mile!

William, Lewiston

2 thumbs up–way up! As yet, haven’t heard back from the people I gave your chocolates to, but I can’t imagine they haven’t enjoyed them … – Read More

Joanne, Oregon

Hello Ella… Thanks again for the cute, most important of all, however, tasty dark chocolate lollipop trees! They were a big hit at our book club’s … – Read More

Jade, Auburn

Oh my gosh, I bought some of the cherries (Ella’s) today after you left work and was so sad after because it was all gone. … – Read More

Ellie, Auburn

These are the best chocolates I have EVER had! My all time favorite is the chocolate covered cherries! Absolutly the best, once you eat one … – Read More

Laura, Lewiston

Ella! Thank you so very much for the chocolate covered cherries! What a wonderful surprise to see those sitting on my desk after the stressful … – Read More

Tracie, Lewiston

The basket of chocolates  for the closing looked wonderful. The peanut butter house was Amazing!! (They shared with us)


Thank you so much for the sampler box of delicious chocolates.  My co-workers and myself really enjoyed them.  The dipped peanut butter balls were a … – Read More

Deb, Auburn

Hi Ella, I just wanted to thank you so much for the chocolate lobsters you created for our son’s wedding celebration. Not only were they … – Read More

Guay, Maine

My husband and I shared a caramel and he said “Ella’s chocolate is better than Mary’s Candy Store. I know how hard you work and wanted … – Read More

Customer, Maine

Love the new look! And I got Ella’s Chocolates for Valentine’s Day from my husband. Thanks for the amazing hand-made chocolate covered cherries! These are … – Read More

Ruth, Maine

Dori and I might need to order some more peanut butter balls, we were wistfully talking about them today!

Randy, Auburn

My wife loved the caramels, she was very impressed with the package and the chocolates! Thank you so much Ella.