About Ella – How it all started

I am passionate about creating, and love all things chocolate.   When I saw an opportunity to share that passion with others, I took it.  After much experimenting and working to perfect my technique, I developed my first official product and Ella’s Chocolates was born.

A personal favorite of mine, the chocolate covered cherry, was where I started. Taking a big fat cherry, wrapping in a secret confection and dipping it in a bath of dark or milk chocolate. Ahh….

After sharing with family and friends, the requests starting flowing in.  Unable to stop there, I went on to create a soft homemade caramel encased in a thick semi-sweet chocolate, and a creamy peanut butter ball dipped in chocolate with a surprise in the middle.

Shortly after beginning my business venture I went to Vermont to visit with family.  I knew I had hit on something big when a couple of women took bites of my chocolates, they bent slightly at the knees, one said, “mmmm” I’ve arrived at “The Land of Delicious.”